Step Parent Adoption in Ohio

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In today's society, more and more people are moving into second marriages or relationships and families are changing in many ways. Often when a biological parent has little involvement with his or her child, a step parent is often willing to adopt a step child as his or her own. If you are a step parent interested in adoption, an attorney can be a valuable guide through the process.

If you are a step parent that is willing to adopt a step child, the first step is determining whether or not you are eligible to adopt your step child. First, in Ohio, you must be married to the child's parent for a period of at least a year. After filing to adopt, an investigation needs to take place to determine your situation and best interests of the child.

If you are deemed eligible, it must also be ascertained if the biological parent will give up his or her parental rights. In many cases, especially, where there has been little contact, the biological parent will simply give consent voluntarily. However, if consent is not freely given, a step-parent adoption may still be possible depending on the circumstances if the biological parent has not been in touch with his or her child or paid child support in the last year.

Once the adoption is approved by the court, the child's birth certificate will be reissued with the step parent named as a parent.

If you are considering step parent adoption, getting the help you need from an experienced professional is the best way to assure your chances for a successful adoption experience. Consult David H. Lefton, Attorney at Law to thoroughly review your situation and your objectives.

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